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Saturday, October 11th 2008, 9:05pm

We must unite! Read this ! (Pagan and Saracens orders!)

Greetings! Fellow Saracens.

As we all can see the Christians is outnumbering us, they are capturing our cities. They are winning over us. We need to do something against this, we need to strike back. We need to unite!

The Saracens needs to build a new order, a order which every Saracen over level 15 participates in.
A order that will stop the Christians. We will attack every Christian order, again and again.
We need to join Holy battles to make sure the Christians fail in capturing our cities. Our people, our religion is being smeared. They are draggins our names through the mud.

In world 1 - 6, all the Saracens needs to create a order where every Saracen over 15 joins.

Example: World 1 - One order World 2 - One order, and so it continues in every world.

I am saying this to save our religion, to save ourselves.

Pagans, the non believers

These people, should be our allies and not our enemies. Do not attack them, we need to get them on our side. Together we can bring the Christian down. Christians has plauged you for decades. Join us in the battle to strike back, join us for your freedom.

Christians, the hating religion.

They, and only they are our enemies. They are capturing our families, they are enslaving cities, Saracens and Pagans.

WE MUST UNITE TO BEAT THEM. The Christians shall not rule over us!

What is the point of this thread?

I am suggesting one strong order in each world. One strong Saracen order and one strong Pagan order. They will be allied and together they will fight against the Christians. Together they will achieve freedom and justice, together they will share the glory.

If you are interested in this idea, contact me here. In this thread or a simple PM.

This is necessary for us, this is something that has to be done for our survival.

Together we will win. It is just a matter of interest and effort.

Further informations about order names etc can be discussed if interest is shown, together we can win, together we will win!

Signed with Saracen blood

Proud Saracen

Pagans, Saracens, united we stand, divided we fall.

We need to fight against the enemies, the Christians

Lord of Misfit



Thursday, October 16th 2008, 6:33am

I think you whas supost too write this in W1 and for saracens not here, acsuly it supost to be in game descusiens. But at list you got somone too read it :D