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Tuesday, August 18th 2009, 2:41pm

LANCE vs. Sho

FreeLancers are having their first battle and what other way to do it, than to take on the mighty Kamakura Shogunate?

Lance, with their only 10 members, looks to be the underdog in this battle against Sho's 44 members.
But Lance has lined up Sir Blackheart and the CRAZY people in the assault, so Kinjiro (Dradaki) has to come up with a defence to match W7's heaviest hitters and get his allies to show up in force.

Any bets on the outcome?

(will I die in this battle, for a change? :P )




Tuesday, August 18th 2009, 7:16pm

Well Sir B I guess didnt pull out of stalls, and wasnt marked (He was hired by my AC before I got on), but still any battle with Crazy and JTO is nothing but an uphill climb, no matter how small/large the initial battle. It certainly will be difficult, and no prediction will be given as it could be even if my other person shows *flashes a donut* :D




Tuesday, August 18th 2009, 8:30pm

A good move by Sho then, this battle will be interesting to follow.
I will be sure to stand in front line for Lance and get some xp of Sir B and Hab 8)
Hab is worse than Sir B, even with his lower stats, because he is just sneaky on the battlefield. Sir B always pays both xp and gold, so I don't complain about having him on the other side :P

Battle is at 2.30, any xp hunters should sign up, even if not allied to any of the orders.

Any predictions on the outcome of this?




Wednesday, August 19th 2009, 2:23am

With 10 mins to go, rumors say, LANCE will lose this one (which means I am going to die :thumbdown: ).

Let's see if the united pagan and saracen alliance and Dradaki's heavy merc force is good enough to beat the heavy hitters, who doesn't get much help from the lack of Christian help on LANCE side.




Wednesday, August 19th 2009, 2:38am

Prediction was right, Sho won with 41 survivors :thumbsup:
I guess my 108 victories and the 124 of my better half just wasn't enough to get the Pagans and Saracens of the battle field. And then it only took 6 and 4 defeats to kill us off 8|
But better luck next time, LANCE :)
Getting the Christians to help you do prestrikes would have been essential, you can bet the other side was prestriking like crazy.

Anyway, congrats Dradaki, great defence :thumbsup:




Wednesday, August 19th 2009, 3:39am

Truly a surprise and well fought battle. very even in numbers and strength, I was really surprised about the number of survivors.


Monday, August 24th 2009, 11:27pm

I wasn't.

It was a great battle by SHO. I shouldn't have declared on a week day while I was stuck at the office.

2 things caused our defeat.

Loss of Sir B due to his forgetting to get out of stalls.

And my tiff with JtO, which has since been resolved.

Brilliant plan, terrible execution lol.

In terms of turn out, the Xian volunteers actually outnumbered the pagan/saracen vols by 50, however SHO had over 100k to spend on mercs and had equal footing, if not better on heavy tixxers and 20 more mercs which brought their average level up to 10 xp higher than my respectable LVL 34.

However, the battle was not in vain, I succeeded in forcing SHO into spending their War Chest which opened the doors for my allies to strike later, however a lesson about saving a little of your war chest was not learned and a pagan order cherry picked 36 hours later.

c'est la vie.

Great fight Kinji, and as soon as you get back to SHO we'll get a rematch ;)




Tuesday, August 25th 2009, 2:42pm

True, GI, no matter if you lost, it was still a great try :)