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Tuesday, January 12th 2010, 8:57am

The Berserkers Return!

The Berserkers have been reformed!
For those that don't know, long ago, The Berserkers in W4 (founded by someone who disappeared and left me saddled with it...) became one of the highest hauling Orders in W4 (i'm quite certain we were briefly at no' 2) and had some good fun getting there. Now i want us to do that again! Though, this time, i think the victory list is a better one to look at :thumbup:
So, were you a Berserker before moving to a different world? Were you one of my Berserkers in W5? Thinking of coming (or coming back) to W4? Then come home!
NOT an original Berserker and thinking of coming to W4? We could be just the new home you need!

Remember; the first 5 people that join W4 following my recruitment link, and then send me a PM (in the interest of fairness, it'll be based on the time i recieve PMs) will be sold all lvl10 equipment, excluding a horse, for minimum price when they reach level 10:
Want to come to W4? No available (or affordable) characters fo you to get hold of?
Join using my recruitment link and send me a PM. When you reach level 10 i will sell you the best equipment for that level at minimum price, giving you the best possible start.
Depending on your Character Development, there may even be a minimum priced Dragon Sword for you at level 20. Offer only available to the next 4recruits at this time.


Friday, January 15th 2010, 6:40pm

Do not join The Berserkers! The OM (Snellembiss) is a disshonorable wretch who does not pay his Mercs for their hard work they put up. He has been declared bankrupt from the many claims. He has even been ordered to appear infront of a jury regarding this and may well be put to death.