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Tuesday, April 6th 2010, 7:18pm

Scofield - W9 - Account for sale

Because RL need more attention, i have not enough time to play Holy war anymore. So i am selling my account in W9. Minimum bid i l take a look is $500. BIN price is $1000 ( i invested over 2.300 euros in this acct. )
For more info, PM in game. Cheers. :thumbsup:



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Tuesday, April 6th 2010, 11:09pm

w2-Hobo Monk *dead*
w4-HxAx :thumbup:
w6-Heretic_Anthem *dead*
w7-non-premium POS
Thank you drive through.



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Wednesday, April 7th 2010, 5:59pm

Just because you invested that much doesnt make it worth that much. You wont get that much for it. I would say around $200 would sell it. Seeing as it does have the highest stats in W9.
You might wanna repost this in a thread people actually read like General Discussions or Off Topics.


Wednesday, April 7th 2010, 6:17pm

i think someone already bid like $500 for this


Wednesday, April 7th 2010, 6:42pm

for $200 i sold acct in W10... and yes, i received a bid of $500 for it already. But if it won t sell for $1000 then i guess i will try and stick with around.. and as long as it's no1 in the world.. its value is increased.


Thursday, April 8th 2010, 3:59am

Sco, u sold your W10???? So the Sco in W10 right now isnt the real sco




Thursday, April 8th 2010, 9:03pm

Well IF that was tru that someone bid 500 for a mediocre level account that will be caught in stats in 10 levels, then they are mentaly retarded.

Perhaps they should come to W5 and join the XP Shortbus.


Thursday, April 8th 2010, 9:38pm

i am pretty sure, no one can catch up to his stats in 10 lvls unless ofcourse they tix

His Stats:-

Faith Pagan
Level 55

Strength 139
Attack 136
Defence 119
Agility 140
Stamina 135


Monday, April 19th 2010, 11:17pm

u forgot to add horsey stats... wich are the same high;))