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Thursday, November 25th 2010, 8:00pm

Holy War and Pagans

I am recommending very strongly that all Pagans unite together when fighting in a Holy War against the Christian order who seem to constantly dominate this game and most wars!!!

I suggest that we do not fragment our order or our efforts simply to be on the supposed winning Christian side!!

If we unite behind the Saracen order we will out number in the Christians any battle and then victory will truly be ours and well deserved and a proof of Pagan strength! in fact, when all Pagans unite together, we are actually a real threat to both the Christian and even the Saracen orders!!!! Think about that the next time you choose to fight for the Christian side!!!

By the way Saracen pay more than the Christians!!! PAGANS UNITE!!!!!

By the way, the Legion of Chaos in World 10 is the fastest growing Pagan order and we would like for you to join us!!! Contact Makis or Madrigal!!!

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Friday, November 26th 2010, 9:52pm

but you get better XP on the christian side
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