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Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 2:01pm

latest update

Are you sure that the money's earned will be equal and above the monies earned before the update.

I have tried both plundering and defending since the update over the last couple of days and 25% of the time I have ended up with zero gold and experience points.

Before the update I might have a zero result maybe once every couple of days.

With the reduction in wages it is nearly impossible for me to earn enough to pay for training as by the time I finish a days work and plunder I then have to work another day before I am even close to the money I need to train this means to keep hold of cash I have to buy elixers which I then have to sell at a loss to try and train one level.
It is gonna take me nearly 3 days just to train one attribute one level.

Is this gonna stay as is or will it be rectified soon. :cursing:




Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 4:23pm

Defending will earn you about 1/2 the gold and make the difference that much more worse. If you are non premium this difference is further compounded.


Thursday, January 13th 2011, 7:15am

It seems to me that the update has made it more difficult to climb up the ladder and is a backward step for what was already a frustrating process.