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Wednesday, January 19th 2011, 6:19pm

[SArmy] The Saracen Army of Saladin

Thnx To HW recent update most of my members have been deleted due to inactivity :P still 3 members left and need 2 members to join:Pso yes iam recruiting which is weird for me :P so in the spirit of recruiting i made a poem :thumbup: lol hear me out :thumbsup:

MY Recruting Poem
The Saracen Army With All Its Might
Is Recruiting so it can go to war and fight
So i ask friends lurking in the shadows of the night
Hold hands with us so very tight
And lets kill The enemies in our range of sight

i only need 2 more members :) our order is ranked the 3rd in houles first in defests :thumbup: btw which iam proud of :D so hurry up and apply :thumbup:
W3~Viz-deal with it haters