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03.03.2011, 20:13

Pagans Make the Difference in any HB!!!

Pagans please take a look at the numbers and realize that nearly 650
Pagans fight for the Christian order! If we but unite and fight for the

order, we would actually defeat the Christians in most HBs and would
establish a new dominance in play! We would turn in fact become the
dominant Order in battle but this can only be achieved if we unite on
all levels of the Gaming Worlds.

We in essence would be calling
the shots as Christian and Saracens are never going to unite to defeat
Pagans as they hate each other too much to come together!. It's not
about the gold that we are paid but the power and control we hold over
others in battle.

The money will come to us as the power house
Army from others wishing tojoin us!!! Think about this carefully and
then pass it on to all your fellow Pagans in all the Game worlds then,
come next HB. we will be the ones to hold our heads high in victory :thumbsup:

Attacker: Christian Defender: Saracen

Total number of warriors:5302 Christians:4654 Pagans:648
Total number of warriors:4775 Saracens:1634 Pagans:3141