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Friday, May 27th 2011, 3:42am

The Underdogs Cavalry (Cvlry)

Fight for honour, protect the weak from the strong, maintain balance.

This order is something new and unique, something which to my knowledge has not been done on Holy War before in any world. We will not fight battles for our own order. We will not merc to help other orders. We will not have allies that we regularly stand for. We stand only for the underdogs.

This world needs balance. Without balance, somebody gets the upper hand, and then it spirals out of control. I and any who choose to join me in my order are a relief cavalry force that will ride to the aid of whichever side looks like it is soon to be the loser of any battle. We will lose more often than not for selecting the losing side on purpose, but we will make it harder for the stronger side, we will maybe make them fight harder, lose more lifepoints, stress more, and maybe sometimes lose when they didn't expect to. I don't ask members to be brilliant, or premium, or high level. If you have commitment to the cause of balance then you are welcome, but you must be like minded. It is a difficult path. Sometimes you will have to fight against men you consider friends, sometimes you must defend enemies, all that is important is that we underdogs protect the weak with whatever strength we have.


Friday, May 27th 2011, 1:28pm

Actually I may edit this slightly so that we are the defence cavalry, not the underdogs cavalry. I have been talking to some advisors and they say the underdogs cavalry will be depressing for the members as they'll always lose. Also they say it will be difficult to judge which side is the underdog without diligently looking at camp lists each battle, and they say it isn't a new or unique idea as many people join the underdog order as volunteers because they want an xp battle. I dont want all battles to be xp battles, so maybe underdogs was a bad idea.

I'm adapting the idea slightly, the Defence Cavalry will always join the defending order. Typically attacking orders win more often then defenders. Attackers hold all the advantages. They know ahead of time when they will attack, they alert their allies, know when to time to be at full health, and they usually have more money for mercs. But in warfare it should be the defenders who have the advantage, but in HW there is none. The Defence Cavalry will aim to alter that and be a boon to all defending orders, making it slightly harder to be the attacker in W12