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Tuesday, March 22nd 2011, 4:30am

Hello & Farewell :-)//

Most of you forum folk know me by now 8o I have plenty of posts here... cause, well, I always have an opinion about everything :thumbsup: and I am sure everyone loves my opinions :D .... well, my time here at Holy War is fast coming to an end.... and I couldn't resist leaving a few final comments and opinions.

I think I began HW sometime shortly after GoDs of Destruction [GOD] was created in ENG W3. I don't remember just when it was... but likely prior to March 2008. So I have been playing for about three years now. I have done many short stints in different english worlds... but W3 has always been my favorite, and my home :)

My last day playing Holy War will be March 29h, 2011. So if I dont get a chance to say goodbye to everyone, please know that I have really enjoyed getting to meet you all ... (well, most of you, anyway LOL)

Last year I signed up for the Navy DEP. The year has flown by!! My sister is also in the Navy, and graduates this April 1st. We will be flying to Chicago to watch her Pass In Review. After I return, my real life (yes I DO actually have one :P ) will be extremely hectic... and soon I will be shipping out for Navy boot camp, myself.

Unfortunately they dont allow cell phones nor internet access in boot camp... and after boot I will be extremely busy with A-school... It just makes sense that I finally let go of this three-year addiction ;(

Thank you everyone for the fun memories!!! I've had some great conversations and met some really great people. I wish you all the very best!!!

Just a few characters/players I will remember:

- Snatcher - :cursing: possibly my first nemesis , but certainly the one player who could bring both Xtains and Pagans together to fight against HAHAHA
- Southern Rebel - original one from W3 - another early nemesis, ex-order brother, and possibly the person who changed religions/orders the most out of all holy war!!! (in one night he switched orders three times!!! ROFL always entertaining!!!
- Underground - (didnt think I would leave you off, did you? :P ) - I still want a rematch with ROME :!: :!: :!: HAHAHA With your big ego, and order to match... you perhaps gave me the most heartburn lol good stuff man. ... oooo and forgot, you probably get the award for having me iggied the longest :P
- Dradaki - never a dull moment in the SB nor the forum :thumbup: ... if you are somehow allowed back into the forum... just wanted to say I have enjoyed your posts 8o
- TruePaganHeart - Just one person who started out as nemesis, but ended up being a better supporter of us and GoD than some of our "Allies" LOL I have enjoyed our convos man! and your support was never unnoticed, and always appreciated. Cheers man!! :)

Forum Folk:
- Falcotron - Who doesnt miss that guy ;( The game definitely took a turn for the worse when he left. Tho I didnt play much in the worlds he was in... his insights to the workings of the game were invaluable... especially since the HWT did not explain things like he did.
- Tiberius Leodegan - *sigh* wish you hadnt gone and been banned man :( It was nice to see the forum alive with posts. Since you and drad left, it is just barely breathing :( Thanks for the games Tibber!! and if there was ONE person who truly stayed in character in this Role Playing game... it was YOU. You never wavered... Cheers mate!
- Mulvers - I mention you cause I know you hate this kind of thing... and if you return (I know you cant resist), you will likely leave scathingly sarcastic comments :P I was sorry to see you go. Your wit was always enjoyable (as long as it wasnt pointed at ME HAHAHA).
- Bigger Phil - Dang man!! You never fail to make me laugh!!! I have also enjoyed converting to Punerism :thumbsup: Thanks for the fun, man!! (Keep at them elves!!)

Those that left before me:
- Ratbigo, Awesome_X, Jud, Moochie ... man I miss you guys!!! We had loads of laughs over the years. AND Mooch... maybe some day I will actually understand your tutorials on browser programs :rolleyes: .... and for Rat and X : IM ON A BOAT - NAVY STYLE :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
- Mac D - Miss you brother!! I was hoping to get a chance to say goodbye... but im sure your busy. I wish you and your family the best, man!! --- In a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed, in the Maritime Sailors' Cathedral, The church bell chimed 'til it rang twenty-nine times, for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald

And W3 friends - sorry I cant list everyone here.... but I think I bloviated enough already LOL:
- GOD members and council - Thank you everyone for allowing me to be a part of the best order in Holy War !!! :thumbsup:
- Lady Silver Star - I will miss talking to you dear. Keep those wings!!! and your head high!!!
- The Grinder - Thanks for returning!! Sorry I didnt get a chance to meet you the first time around LOL Its been fun man!!
- Cerebus - Someone who spends about as much time on line as I do !!! :thumbsup: Thank you for playing man!!! Your battles and friendship were very much appreciated!!!
- Johnwb7 - (best for last, eh? :D ) Thank you for your friendship man!! I wish you well my brother!!

- And to all my Brothers In Arms that I have met over this past year... I am sorry I didn't not get to know each of you before I enlisted. I thank you all for your much needed words of encouragement and wisdom. OOOOORRRRRAAAAHHHHHH My Brothers *Salute*

Well.... that is about it. 8o 8 days left and counting. Again... I am sorry I couldn't list everyone. Best wishes to everyone!


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Navy DEP :-) - Chicago, Here I Come!! *grin*
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Tuesday, March 22nd 2011, 5:50pm

Wishing you well, having served and always in my heart, keep your head down and laces tight ;)

Good to have worked w/ya in Puners, have ran into you a couple times in W1 through various scenarios.
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OK, moving on now...



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Tuesday, March 22nd 2011, 6:30pm

wait... tibs got banned / left... no wonder nothing (appeared to have) happened in the 2 weeks i forgot about the existence of HW and its forums
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Wednesday, March 23rd 2011, 7:41am

You will be missed and stay safe

I was glad to have been able to aid you at a time of need because you and GoD treated me better than most any of the Pagan orders ever did so to me I felt they got what they deserved. :cursing: Good luck in your new chosen career and stay safe. :thumbsup:



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Wednesday, March 23rd 2011, 10:17pm


You finally made me join the forum so I could respond to your post.Been a short 3 years since we met & I am glad to have gotten to know you.Hope you the best life has to offer and good luck in your future endeavors.

Your friend John.......




Thursday, March 24th 2011, 7:10am

Its been good knowing you mate. Thanks for your help and support and friendship. Good luck out there in the RL take care and stay SAFE !!!

Bigger Phil



Thursday, March 24th 2011, 7:23pm

Best of Luck! Have really enjoyed talking to you on the forum and in mighty Puners!

Your friend,


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Thursday, March 24th 2011, 10:26pm

Cool to have known you, even if only for a while.
Take care and good luck :)
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Friday, March 25th 2011, 10:27pm

iam offended that iam not on the nemeses list 8)
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Friday, March 25th 2011, 11:41pm

PFT I thought about including you... but then I wasnt going to give you the satisfaction LOL 8o *goest to find my iggy button again hahahahaha
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Lieutenant Howell Maurice Forgy, USN (ChC), serving in the heavy cruiser USS New Orleans (CA-32) during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.



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Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 2:31pm

I am sure W3 will be seeing you again in 2-4 months once things get settled down some. Untill then, take care.



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Tuesday, March 29th 2011, 11:02pm

Thanks folks!!! sorry... not going to be coming back.. in a short time I will be running laps in the Great Lakes naval station :thumbsup: wont have access to the net nor the time
to play ;( Its been great fun!!! I hope they fix the script for your all !!!!! Take care everyone!!!

Slasher/Sir Slash/Ray logging out
"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!"

Lieutenant Howell Maurice Forgy, USN (ChC), serving in the heavy cruiser USS New Orleans (CA-32) during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

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Monday, April 18th 2011, 8:40am

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Slasher gon.. ;( ;( ;( :( :( :( ;( ;( ;(

i offr me bestes sallut ta u me frnd...............will na ferget.. :(
gud luk ou der in tis evil worl...............i hop tis gaem thoght ye sum triks wi deelin wi lyfs ou der. :thumbup: :thumbup:
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Sunday, May 29th 2011, 9:57pm

;( ;( ;( ;( slash ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(