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Thursday, December 8th 2011, 9:43pm

International World

Are there any Aussies in the new world, I cannot sign in.
There are people playing there already but my menu does not allow me to register.

Why am i having to wait why every one else gets a good start?

I have registered many HW accounts so i am familiar with how this is done.

Is there other people having the same problem or is it just the Aussies??

I have a message in every world i play in 6 different languages that the new International Worlds is open.

Well its not open for me, There should have been a link in the messages.


Thursday, December 8th 2011, 9:53pm

yes there are others from all over the world having issues and posting on this thread:…&threadID=31018
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Thursday, December 8th 2011, 10:02pm

Thanks LV ;)