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King Leonidas


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31.03.2012, 01:36

Hail! Hou Ou! Hou Ou!! Hou Ou!!!

Hail is going on a 6 battle winning streak we are currently recruiting new members. If you love the game and are a battle hardened vet looking for an order send an application. We battle almost twice a week. And are a courageous bunch we remember our friends and support them and our allies. So if you want to be apart of the greatest order that is being built come join us at Hail. Right now we are at rank #6 and we plan to be #1. So to arms men Hail!!! Hou Ou! Hou Ou!! Hou Ou!!!



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29.06.2012, 00:14

huhu ?( :huh:
Instead of proposing a penalty, Socrates instead proposes a reward for himself: as benefactor to Athens, he should be given free meals in the Prytaneum, one of the important buildings which housed members of the Council.

And that's why tixxers should pay my premium.


12.07.2012, 12:21

So to arms men Hail!!! Hou Ou! Hou Ou!! Hou Ou!!!