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Tuesday, July 24th 2012, 10:44am


I am trying to Resolve an issue NOT spamming

I am also going through support

This needs to be seen as transparent

There are Some Great Mods out there, but seem fewer than there were

Open dialogue is the only way to resolve this

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Tuesday, July 24th 2012, 11:13am

You are fairly able to resolve the issue without seeking a public audience. Transparency is good, but if all this transparency you claim to seek is a public witchhunt, it won't be happening here.

Again, everything you said here could fairly well being said in PM. All you are trying to accomplish is becoming a martyr for whatever cause you believe you have to stand for. And I am willing to offer you that status now, since you do not seem to be interested into dialogue or problem solving, as you claim to be, and more into public image cultivation.

That said, this ends now!


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