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31.08.2012, 14:06

Increase Highscore Search Rank > 3000

Currently you can only search the top 3000 players/orders etc
With the merging of worlds, the top 3000 players don't even get close to my Level, 69.

I know I can narrow the list by selecting other criteria such as faith and world etc, but I want to see ALL players in my world group around my level.

Please increase the maximum rank to at least 10,000.

Thanks and have a nice day X(
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OK, moving on now...



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02.09.2012, 16:17

Or allow ascending/descending option. That may help unless you are in the middle and neither one reaches your search :D
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03.09.2012, 10:28

I agree. I have forwarded this.


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03.09.2012, 16:08

Aye, it needs to go as far as however many players there actually are :P

But then how many of those level 1 accounts are ones that haven't completed the registration lol
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19.09.2012, 13:59

Please increase the maximum rank to at least 10,000.

or double it at least,it will be much help for the campers
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