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27.12.2011, 06:07

[NV] Nord Vikings

Your nationality doesn't matter.
If deep in Your heart You feel that You're a viking, welcome home brother (or sister ;))!

We are from Sweden, Poland, Germany, Spain, England, USA. We are building strong international order and we're looking for openminded people, expiriencend players and commanders :)

Join us warrior. VALHALLA AWAITS!


28.06.2012, 21:15

Nord Vikings are still recruiting!!

We're willing to help you buy the gear you need to become a better player and are creating a list of cows for levels under 11 and over 12.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask an AC or the OM!
Join Nord Vikings [NV] in INT1!

We are fierce players looking to expand our ranks and become even scarier!


31.10.2012, 09:43

Nord Vikins are still recruiting!!

send pm to one of top three (3) players of the order and you will get membership.