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Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 9:29pm

Revisiting lowering order declaration requirements

There are a few things that can liven up a world. One is more battles. The following i am asking be changed or reinstituted into the game:

Remove premium only requirement.
Players could declare battles when non premium. This changed because of cheaters, but instead of punishing these players individually, they punished several legit orders. Now given the state of inactivity, this would help worlds where people cannot afford to be premium.

Allow any order size to declare
Right now 30 member powerhouses are declaring on 1 man orders. Besides being a cowardly act, where is the logic in allowing this, but not allow the reverse? Suicide missions have been a part of warfare for thousands of years. For players that will complain this is an inconvenience, well then these orders shouldnt be popping teenie weenie orders now should they. Again, more battles equals more activity. Allow orders less then 5 members to declare. If they can be inconvenienced to spending their bank, they should be allowed to do the same to others.

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Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 10:54am


these requirements have not been implemented without reason, however. From the experience I gathered with cheaters of all kinds when it comes to orders and battles, I can assure you that allowing one-man-non-premium-member-orders to declare war on everyone will certainly lead to a vast amount of multiaccount-mini-orders just there to stop you from battling those you actually want to battle with.



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Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 11:07am

Now given the state of inactivity, this would help worlds where people cannot afford to be premium.
I have a hard time seeing the inability to afford something as a legitimate reason for it to become available for free. That's not how this society works.


Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 12:15pm

To capt apex: should that happen again, then severe penalties should be incurred to the multiaccounters up to banning from game for a time to outright deletion. Multiaccounting happens now, people assuredly farm and the game will truly never be rid of them unless harsh penalties are given. A gold reduction and small stat loss to be honest doesnt quite do the job. Bans from playing and deletions are what is needed to deter these people

To bullit time: i am unsure how long you have played but when the game was created back in 07 all order masters could declare, not just premium players as it is now. The reason GAS gave was because of multiaccounting suicide orders, which no doubt happened and certainly wont deny that, but lets not kid ourselves either in ignoring this was just a front so GAS could try and spur more $$$ by getting these leaders to become premium.

I do see your point captain, its quite valid, but in such cases i would want these cheaters to be harshly dealt with. Players nowadays have no excuse for not knowing game rules when it comes to multiaccounting, so leniency should be nonexistant. But the fact remains that the large orders are still able to pop one man orders, who still could be the multiaccount that is the fear, thus allowing huge hauls for another order. No one would think otherwise as they would just think its a bank order of a possibly dead character



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Monday, April 8th 2013, 11:44pm

I see a compromise here. I still agree with having at least 5 men to form an attack. I still see that as a suicide attack because usually these small orders consist of at least 2-3 players level 20 or lower. The compromise is that non premium players be allowed to declare, but only every 72 hours instead of the normal 36. Or, you could even limit this to once per month because if you have a 5-man order of all nonprem's, you could make them all AC and have at least 5 battles per month. I don't think this will drive anyone crazy or allow too much cheating.
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Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 1:08am

Non premiums should get back the right to declare, just the same as premiums. It was like that when the game was first made, with decreased activity, there isnt a better time then to reallow them too.

Suicide orders are still around. In INT3 a player founded an order, mysteriously 4 players joined, the founder resigned and another jumped in then declared some 15.minutes later. Yah, not suspicious.

That order since disbanded, thus raising the eyebrows and virtual finger pointing at the one individual .

Regardless, multiaccount players should be dealt with harshly. Severe stat deduction, ban from game for a week to a month or outright deletion are all acceptable.


Tuesday, April 9th 2013, 11:39am

just bad that the options for hiding IPs become better and better ;)
and in theory can you play acc A from your home,acc B with cellphone and acc C at work... how will you proof its a multi...just an example for the nice multimedia time :P

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