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29.04.2013, 14:59

How The Game Is Run

This is an off topic post about nothing in specific but in general...

I have in-game messaged support
I have emailed support.en@holy-war.net
I have emailed concerns@gameartstudio.de

Noone has been able to provide proof of allegations made against me. I will not tolerate being falsely accused of anything. I have asked for proof nicely. I have demanded proof assertively. I have demanded proof aggressively. I have even been passive aggressive in my attempts to get someone to show me proof of the allegations against me.

To date the accusations have gone from running a dummy/fake account only to get order member count up to 5, then when presented with facts I was accused of "grief play", when presented with more facts about the battles that were declared I was told that I wasn't playing the account for its own good and therefore a dummy account.

So the accusations change when each are refuted but all basically say the same thing, that me creating another account in the same world group as another that I have is not allowed. (From other players actions it seems it would be OK if I bought one however)

For nearly 2 weeks now in-game support responds to my inquiries around 1800 game time and evidently go home.

I now go public since I have provided ample opportunity for someone from G@S and HW and Support and Admin to respond and provide some proof that the account I am playing is doing ANYTHING that is illegal or against any stated and written rules. (Or even the intent of said rules)

Someone from GAS please respond with PROOF of your allegations. I have refuted accusation you have made with facts and you keep changing your reasoning specifics and still cannot come up with anything truthful.
Just here to spread hate and discontent

OK, moving on now...

Captain ApeX

GameArt Support DE

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29.04.2013, 15:07

Alright, enough is enough.

You received your answers via several channels, you will not gain any new informations here.

Read the forum rules, itsjustme. Opening a thread that has been officially closed is considered spam.

This thread is also locked, a warning is sent out and a ban is in progress.