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Thursday, March 15th 2018, 6:27pm

Account for sale EN W1, lvl 225. First owner since 2007.!

All be Hailed!

I'm selling my account after over 10 years of playing.
It's lvl 225, stats are decent and equipment upgraded.
There is loads of elixirs in the inventory as well as the spare equipment for selling.
I'm asking 150€ for the account.
For further info feel free to pm me via game or forum.

Regards, Mori


Friday, March 16th 2018, 1:08am

:| it's a nice account Mori and I sure hate to see you go! Paganstormz w1
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Thursday, April 19th 2018, 2:25am

Mori you are leaving? After so long of playing too. Sir Smokes A Lot here, I remember when we started playing in w1 together. A lot of good memories, and ill be sad to see you go. Are you leaving this world only, or Holy-War altogether?