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21.06.2008, 11:40

BoH vs ROME round 2

This battle was epic, this time BoH won.

I was proud to help ROME, even though we didn't win

BoH's hiring just about every merc there is really paid off for them, tickets and gold were flying around, I want to know how much they had in their coffers saved up for this :p.

Other than a little 2 way verbal sparring, which wasnt too heavy. It was a clean affair. Thank you very much for keeping it clean both orders :)

Well met everyone! Cant wait to see round 3!



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21.06.2008, 12:51

I agree, it was a great battle. Obviously I would have preferred ROME to win (and me to survive), but BoH obviously put in a lot of effort and spent a lot of money to do something nobody has ever done before, and they deserved the win.

The only problem was that there was not a single 48+ who wasn't involved, so I had nobody to do 25lp attacks against for xp after the battle.

Oh, and remind me not to level up before the next one of these; that was just silly of me.
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21.06.2008, 13:58

A well fought & honorable battle on both sides. Everyone should be commended that participated.

The stat that jumped out at me was 3370 fights.
Does anyone know where that places this one in the annuls of the large battles?

For point of reference, the ROME vs. KOA was 1539 fights...
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21.06.2008, 18:20

Hi all

@ Rune: I'm the mercs coordinator of BoH, and it was around 100k + we have give 2-3 tickets mostly to pagans who don't like ROME so much. So we have spend the same amount as ROME did in the round 1.

We have learned a lot of things from the round 1 and everything have gone well for us in round 2. But you have no idea of the work imply to rally so much christians for a battle !!!! To all Saracens and Pagans OM and AC, I'm jealous :)

BoH Prevail


21.06.2008, 19:49


This had to be one of the largest battles in HW... Over 3000 battles, involving two orders with less than 100 warriors in each. It just shows the caliber and respect that both of these great orders have from other warriors. This battle is to be commended and congrats to both. Thanks to ROME and BoH for a grand show.

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22.06.2008, 18:25

Oh, and remind me not to level up before the next one of these; that was just silly of me.
Didn't you do the same thing for the first BoH v ROME?? I wonder if there is a correlation.
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22.06.2008, 18:26

Awesome battle! Glad to be a part of it. I wonder if other worlds have ever had such large scale clashes(?).
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23.06.2008, 0:59

Round 2

I have to say that I am very proud of BoH as this was a hard fought victory. I have been absent for awhile and came back just in time to be a part of this large scale battle and I was proud of both sides for keeping the trash talking to a minimum.

ROME... as usual well met and it was an honor to do battle with such an powerful and honorable foe.

Well done both sides!
For Honor and Glory!



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23.06.2008, 5:04

Peronally I like the 'friendly' SB spars, but this was a fun battle. I was very happy that there were no suicide attacks. (I even resisted the temptation to do it myself!)