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Monday, April 21st 2008, 6:18pm

Jerusalems Exalted Warriors.

Hello everyone.

Well, it has been very busy for me. I founded my Order, Jerusalems Exalted Warriors on the 20th of April 08, and within an hour or two of forming had war declared upon me.

I would like to thank everyone for aiding me, we won by the way, according to my Battle report. My Order will repay the debt, as and when there is an Order Battle.

We need recruits.

I have 3 recruits for the Order so far, but I need a higher level player who can help drum up support as the Army Commander. If you are level 14+, with good/excellent stats, a horse and a decent weapon and some armour, please apply to the JEWS - which is My Orders tag.

We are taking Pagans over level 6, although promising players can and will be considered, so everyone can apply.

You don't need to be Jewish, we will take any Pagans who are prepared to follow our criteria. Please apply, so that we can expand and take in more people.

Thank you :thumbsup:




Monday, April 21st 2008, 6:40pm

These are our criteria, if you like what you see then please reply:

Requirements for our Order.

1) You must be at least Level 6 to be considered.

2) You need to have stats at least double that of your level - i.e. a Level 7 player should have stats of at least 14.

3) Donate money daily, now matter what. I am leaving this as an unset amount; whatever you can give daily all helps build the Order. I do need you to donate a maximum of 5x your level in gold – eg a Level 10 will need to donate 50 gold, 2 times a week, if possible more often than this. We want to be the best Order, and so we need the money to expand.

4) You must plunder your maximum time every day if you can - we need you to fill your pocket with money so you can donate, increase your stats and buy elixirs etc.

5) You need to actively attack other players - We need to know that you are an active player - must have a V/D score of at least 1.

6) You will need a horse from level 10. This will also need to be trained.

7) We only ally and volunteer for Pagan and Saracen Orders. We do not fight for Christian Orders. They are vile, as we have learnt – for we were attacked within our first hour of formation – and we shall not forget this dishonour.

8 ) You may merc to Pagan and Sarecen Orders only - Again, we do not fight for Christians.

9) Premium players are preferred, though we will take non premiums, as long as you can try to keep up.

10) Good behaviour is a must please keep to the following:
a) Do not attack other members of this Order without consent from the player in question.
b) Good behaviour in the Shout Box is a must.
c) Do not attack Order allies if you can avoid it.

11) Try to help lower level Pagan players as much as possible - without them our Order won\'t grow.

12) Try to keep your attacks to Christians - though this isn\'t a strict rule - but keep attacks on Pagans and especially Saracens to a minimum.




Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, 12:31am

C'mon ;(

There must be someone willing to join my Order - it is one of the easiest going Orders in the whole game.

I will be expanding it as soon I can, so that there are more spaces available - this should be this week (20th of April to the 27th of April) so please, please apply to my Order.

I need one person, anyone from level 6 upwards. I would love it if someone of level 14 or higher applied.

Well, at the end of the day it is up to you - but my Order won't be up to much if no one else joins, and I want a nice active Order.




Thursday, April 24th 2008, 12:47am


As of the 23/04/08 I have no positions. Sorry ladies and gents.

Loki is the Army Commander. I will post up another message here when we are hiring again.

I will also post the edited criteria, as we a little more relaxed than other Orders, which means expansion will be a little slower. We want you to build your stats, other Orders just want to be the biggest while taking you for all the money you can earn for them. Hopefully Loki will post something to show agreement on this one.


Saturday, April 26th 2008, 2:36am

I have applied and am doing what I can to raise my stats now.




Sunday, April 27th 2008, 1:12am

Well, hopefully we will have the money to expand to level 4 towards the end of the week. I have mailed you already Paddy - and I am keeping your application open, so please be patient - I will contact you.



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Sunday, April 27th 2008, 7:09pm


I have applied, while i am waiting i am getting my stats and money up
RDE20 on W4 AC of SAS mercenaries LvL 53 with Stats 70+

Cohen the Barbarian on W5 former OM of The Silver Horde mercenaries LvL 47 with Stats 55+ former member of LOST who specialised in telling people TO GET LOST!! :P :thumbsup: now a member of the SAS

contact me to merc me or if u are on W4 look at the SAS lowest lvl merc is lvl 40+ highest is lvl 61 :thumbup:

SAS has turned on its offensive side as W4 is dead as a retirement home :P now we hope to make it active again.But we still merc




Friday, May 16th 2008, 1:22am


As of today (Friday 16th of May 2008) Jerusalems Exalted Warriors have 6 spaces available!

We will take Pagans of LVL5+ now - I will update the Orders Overview to include that.




Monday, May 19th 2008, 6:32pm

AS OF TODAY - 19th May 2008 this Order is closed. I have disbanded it. I have no more wish to run an Order on World 4.





Tuesday, May 20th 2008, 12:11am

how do you play the game

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Tuesday, August 19th 2008, 4:34am

Bump to this thread to annoy everyone.
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