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Tuesday, July 21st 2009, 7:18am

Knights Hospitaller looking for recruits


The Knights Hospitaller is a Christian organization that began as an Amalfitan hospital founded in Jerusalem in 1080 to provide care for poor, sick or injured pilgrims to the Holy Land. After the Western Christian reconquest of Jerusalem in 1099 during the First Crusade it became a religious/military order under its own charter, and was charged with the care and defense of the Holy Land. Following the conquest of the Holy Land by I slamic forces, the Order operated from Rhodes, over which it was sovereign, and later from Malta where it administered a vassal state under the Spanish viceroy of Sicily. When Napoleon captured Malta in 1798 the Knights ceased to be associated with any one place, and gave rise to their present successor, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


It shall be our mission to care for the poor, the needy, the defenseless, for the widow and the orphan, the weak and the oppressed. It shall fall to us to befriend the stranger in a strange land, be he Christian or be he other, so long as he is well disposed to Holy Mother Church. It is our part to befriend and protect others of The Faith too weak to defend themselves, and to protect those of whatever faith subject to unjust persecution and attack. It falls to our part to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, heal the sick and provide enlightenment to the ignorant, and in all things to be a friend to man.


Membership Requirements:

~You must be active, playing at least 5 days a week.
~Level 11 (We will consider lower level players in an effort to help you grow stronger.)
~Must donate 10 gold x current level everyday.
~You must be willing to work as a member of a team.


~Level 11+: The higher your level, the better for the whole order.
~Stats that are close to two times your level.
~V/D: Your victories and defeats will show us how active and serious you are.
~Premium: Preferred as it helps you as a player and us as an order.

Ranks Of God

Grand Master – The Leader of the Order; he provides his fellow Knights with an example of strength, wisdom, and devotion to God. He also forges alliances and may declare attacks.

Adjutant General – Commander of the Army and also holder of the rank of Knight Hospitaller. The AG plans and executes the Order’s battles and additionally recruits new squires to expand the Order.

Hospitaller Champion - The most powerful and skilled knight; if a more powerful challenger arrives, he may challenge the Champion to a joust. This is arrainged my the Grand Master.

Knight Hospitaller – Highest Ranking Knight in the order; the most loyal, disciplined, and toughest soldiers in the army. Achieving the title of Knight Hospitaller is based on deeds and accomplishment, not just skill level. Knight Hospitallers are the bastion of defense for the Holy Land, and will take part in all Holy Battles to protect our families and serve God. Knight Hospitallers are also expected to act as a mentor for the knights, squires, and pages in entrusted in their care so that the future of the Order will continue. Earning the promotion to Knight Hospitaller is not to be taken lightly. First the Knight must be approached by the Grand Master to begin the process. Then the knight must approach the Adjunant General and recieve a task or quest to be accomplished. Then, the promotion must be agreed upon by all other Knight Hospitallers.

Crusader- A more skilled knight who is Knowledgeable in the Christian ways. Must be at least level 17 to become this rank

Knight- A Knight must be at least level 12 and have fought well side by side with his brothers (and sisters) in several Order battles. He/She must also receive the recommendation of two Knight Hospitallers to the Grand Master. The recommendations may be requested by messaging.

Squire- A squire must own his own horse, have fought with the Order in battle, and receive the recommendation of the Knight Hospitaller that was his liege.



For Fidelity to the Order's Mission Statement

For extraordinary service to the Order in Troublous Times

For exemplary service and obedience in hazardous missions