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  • "Master Merlin" started this thread

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Friday, November 27th 2009, 4:12pm

The Silver Chalice aka WICCA recruiting for Yule !

The ONLY pagan order to achieve the one million final order upgrade :D and still the LARGEST pagan order in world one :D with the games longest serving Order Master :D is now looking to expand its fine family of knights druids and priestesses to 100 members :thumbup: with EVERY member regardless of level knowing Merlin puts them first 8) . An order proud of its history and alliances forged against a backdrop of fair weather friends and players placing gold or victories before friendship :cursing: . The Chalice stands proud in world one as a pagan order which from day one respects all faiths, honours friendship above all else and which will still aid the weak. The Chalice has always rallied for true friends and sought to defend the weak ... its hoping tc never fall in the latter category :?:

Recruitment was suspended following espionage (u gotta luv monet) X( and during upgrade :evil: but the existing Druids and Priestesses now open the doors to new members :) with the knowledge that The Silver Chalice is ONLY world one order never to have to run the million gold piece gauntlet again and can truly help low levels progress with discounted inventory and order donations refunded esp after to a a summoned battle. Summons are few ...Merlin is proud of of Merlin Hill mocked by many :( but unlike many orders Merlin will only ask all members including low levels to reach for arms if a true ally is under attack :) .... more often members are simply advised where to go to avoid members fighting each other.

Merlin seeks a 100 membership ... you'll get help whatever your level ... tc converts especially welcome :D

ok what does the Chalice offer new or existing members ... new recruits need only mail existing chalice members to know Merlin will help u with inventory at a los to himself ... yeah check the records admin before u delete a member undergoing chemo listed in diplomacy !! Likewise members fighting in afganistan u banned. YES Merlin will if asked sit members and friends ... 5 10 20 40 100 Merlin will sit if asked by members / players he deems good guys / gals ... shame on admin deleting a member in chemo listed in diplomacy whilst prem ... hmm yes join The Chalice and u have an OM who a year ago asked about becoming a Mod was deemed inappropriate ... i remain one of the most active players i think a reasonable player ... and helpful to all new players regardless of faith ... merlin is the mod that never was but hey i can sing some paul weller whenevr asked .. not sure the mods can

Doors open espionage is pointless we have the largest residence so no million upgrade and were just hetre to grow and defend .... wanna be a part of thgis growth contact Merlin and the fun starts !!

MM aka the ole man in robes

Existing and new players welcome .... The Chalioce is a fun house ... u gotta be here to see it the sb is a laugh but merlins in box is ten times better even if u r non prem we still look after u





Friday, November 27th 2009, 5:54pm

Prospects, please know that this is an Pagan Order by faith only, and supports Xians. If you are a true Pagan player, this is NOT the order for you.

The OM will claim to be a Pagan supporter, bragging how he never declares on a Pagan order, yet you will see him in your defense reports and against 90% of Pagan orders during battles.

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Saturday, November 28th 2009, 8:10am

Honestly, I think most WICCA members don't care about the politics or strategy of W1 at all. They care more about being Pagan, and about hanging out with a group of fellow Pagans, than about any Pagan faction.

Long ago, WICCA were forced to take sides in a war between two cross-faith factions, and they chose SOA over T-W. They've stayed with SOA ever since--including when SOA was Pagan, and when SOA was leading an all-Christian alliance. At the moment, that does put them on the "Christian side," but I doubt anyone in WICCA sees it that way; they're fighting alongside the same people who have stood by them for over a year and a half, and that's what matters to them.

90% of the time, where you'll see them is back in the WICCA castle. When their allies aren't involved, they almost always stay out of battles completely. They never merc, rarely make deals, and discourage their members from randomly jumping into battles they aren't a part of. That's not for everyone (I could never watch all that xp fly around without getting my share:)), but their members seem to like it.




Saturday, November 28th 2009, 5:44pm

Because 3/4 of their members are Merlins lol