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Tuesday, September 18th 2007, 2:17pm

Attack: Player vs Player Fighting

Question 1. Why should I attack another warrior?

If you win the fight, you are rewarded with 5-10% of their gold.

Question 2. Why am I attacked by players with a higher level? Do I ever have a chance of winning?!

That's just the way this life's meant to be. And it's even better for the course of justice if you are also poor, for in such cases you will profit by an experience point whilst the agressor will gain absolutely nothing from it. At any rate, there is a certain random factor affecting the outcome of the battle which works in your favour so that you still could win against a stronger opponent!

Question 3. What's the distribution of experience points?

1. If you fight against a player of the same level, both players get 1 EP.
2. If your enemy has a higher level and you lose, you still get 1 EP.
3. If your enemy has higher level and you win, you get 2 EP.
4. If your enemy is a lower level, you get 0 EP, no matter whether you win or lose.

Question 4. Why have I Iost against a weaker one?

First of all, it's important who hits first and how high the respective Life Energy levels are. But there is also a certain random factor allowing the weaker character to win sometimes. So, you might also experience a series of inexplicable losses against weaker opponents. However, if you take all the battles you had into account (check 'Overview'), chances are relatively higher that your distribution of results should even out to the overall averages.

Question 5. I was attacked and now my life energy is almost gone! How long will it take me to regain my life energy?

You normally recover with 1% of your maximum life energy per hour, but always a minimu of 10 LP per hour. If you have a residence and if you are at home in your residence (i.e. not plundering, working etc.), your life energy will recover with the rate shown in 'Residence'. This rate of recovery depends on the stage of your house. You always should keep an elixir in your stock to quickly refill your life energy.

Question 6. What's a SF (safety fight)?

SF is a player made abbreviation for 'security fight'. If you have a fight you are protected from attacks for 1 hour (temporary embargo on attacks), no matter of the level of your opponent. Through a security fight (which in fact is a deliberate and controlled security attack), you can prevent yourself from falling victim to such an attack.

Question 7. Can I be attacked while working or plundering?

Yes, this might happen! You can be attacked while working or plundering if you're not under the protection of the 1-hour attack embargo.

Question 8. Can I die in the battle?

No, you can't. Your life energy can't sink below 1. You can regenerate through elixirs or through waiting.

Question 9. Why am I permanently attacked by stronger players?

You are under a special newcomer protection until you reach level 11 (i.e. up to level 10). Don't run around with much gold then higher players won't be interested in an attack.

Question 10. The Fighting Formula: How does it work?

First, we calculate who strikes first, then we calculate the hit and finally the hardness of the hit. The higher the player's difference in skill values, the smaller the random factor. If both players are able to continue fighting (more than 25 LP), the next attack will follow. Attacks are limited to 3 rounds with a maximum of 10 attacks. Check the 'Instructions' to find out more on the role of the particular skills.

Question 11. Is it allowed for a player to attack me every 12 hours?

Yes, of course it is. It is written into the script that you cannot attack a player within 12 hours of having fought them already. The game will notify you if you try to attack a player you have already fought (whether attacking or defending) in the last 12 hours, and you will find you are not able to do so. Once 12 hours has passed, you will again be free to fight that player again. Apart from the 12 hour waiting time, there is no further rule stipulating the frequency with which two players can fight one another.



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Friday, July 17th 2009, 12:20pm

Top 10 reasons why you might be attacked by higher levels

  1. You are always available and you are a low level. (Security fight)
  2. Players haul a lot of gold from you.
  3. You insulted one or many players on the ShoutBox.
  4. You insulted a player and now his Order is after you.
  5. After the first attacks you told the player in very clear terms that you want him to stop. This is otherwise known as hate mail and it is a bannable offence.
  6. You have a provoking avatar.
  7. You have a provoking Profile.
  8. You are associated with a player that is making life hard for the player that is attacking you.
  9. You are spamming in the ShoutBox.
  10. You were put on an enemy list of a player because of one or more of the above reasons. Now this player is not bothered to take you off his enemy list even though the reason may not exist anymore.

Make sure you don't give players any reason to hit you!!
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Friday, July 17th 2009, 12:28pm

Top 5 reasons why you lost to a weaker player.

  1. Your life points were low when you fought him, or dropped below 25 LP.
  2. A player with a small level difference can actually have the same stats as you.
  3. You have better equipment, however the level of this equipment is higher than your character's level. Thus, your stats are reduced.
  4. The opponent was not plundering or working at the time of the attack, and hence he had bonus defence points from his residence.
  5. The opponent was simply lucky (random factor).

Please note that fights can not be systematically explained. If they could, the game would be very boring.
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