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20.01.2008, 06:25

Night Stalkers Recruiting*Updated 1/24/08*

We are a strong order working on expanding our membership. if you would like to join us we currently have 3 spots open. we have a record of 4/3, We Won the last 4 battles we had.

Either post a reply on here, message me in game or just put in an application if u meet the requirements below.
Here is a link to the application page, it shows our profile also.…1.php?ac=search

Requirements to Join

All Members must be on XFire we use it for order meetings. (mac users excluded u can use aim)
add killasoldja879 as a friend

All Members must stay active, if you will be inactive for a few days let a general know!
there will be random checks for activeness. i will send a message and give u 48+ hours to reply or i will declare incative, then if u dont message me in a day you will be booted.


Personal stats
Strength and agility 15+
Attack, Defence, and Stanima 10+

Horse with All stats 12+

If you meet these requirements and would like to join please just put in and application.


Rankings are as followed.

lvl 26+ - you probly have a better rank already
Lvl 21-25 - Vampire Elder
Lvl 17-20 - 1337 Undead Guardians
Lvl 14-16 - Blood Pack
lvl 10-13 - Vampire Count
Inactive - Wounded Vampire


We Please ask that all members/ or want to be members work there stats up as much as possibe, that is important in this game!


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