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9.12.2010, 17:29

Legion Of Chaos

hi everyone!

im trying (REALLY HARD) to get together a band of brave Pagans who are fed up being the gooseberries in W10 to the Christian and Saracen orders. there are LOADS of Pagans in W10. we could have our fair share of the power and influence IF we could just become a bit more co-ordinated and united.

ive noticed that there are tons of Pagan orders that are either inactive (ive seen one that was created in march '10 and hasnt had a single battle) or have too few members to declare battles.

W10 NEEDS more battles. W10 NEEDS a strong Pagan order to act as a foil to the Christians and Saracens.

PLEASE! if you agree with me dont just sit by and ignore the problem. help me, help us, help the Pagans!!!

Maddy :D