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12.04.2008, 20:02

the white tower order has started

this order is dedicated to those that wish to be free of christen beliefs. the elemental powers are the real religion and we will find peace to be able to use our abilities for the greater good.

recruiting lvl 5+ ranks and expectations are as follows though keep in mind the first week regardless of lvl your expected to donate 6 times

lvl 5-10 rank:novice-you are new to the ways of magik and while learning you are expected to donate 10x your lvl 6 days a week

lvl 11-20 rank:accepted- you are learning well the ways of your craft you have payed your dues and thus you are now only required to pay 10x your lvl 5 days a week

lvl 21-26 journyman-the craft comes very easy for you and you've seen alot of battles for your loyalty and skill are awarded in only having to donate 4 times a week

lvl 27+ elemental lord- you have mastered your craft and with your training complete you are only required to donate 3 times a week


28.06.2008, 06:00

we are currantly still recruiting any pagen of lvl 5 and up who are team oreanted and a desire to be the best on the server mail me if interested

Sain Cai



28.06.2008, 07:33

you should become a member of Death ;)



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28.06.2008, 08:33

Or NV!


29.06.2008, 10:34

no no. DEI is much better :D


29.06.2008, 14:59

It seem a little rude to post on some ones recruiting thread, to join another order. Why does everyone just join one order then?? ( Because a three order game would be less fun)
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