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Sunday, February 8th 2009, 5:09am

HW1 Stats Leaderboard

A bunch of people asked me about this, so I figured I'd wait until I dropped 21 slots (counting the horse, 2 not counting it) so as to lull everyone into a false sense of security, and then clean it up and post it to GoogleDocs.

The view-only version is at…VV_VQxiQg81G2Nw. The "live" version (in case you want to sort by a different column, or screw with everyone by changing Bogong's horse to a 1-1-1 donkey so everyone tries to attack him and gets whooped bad) is at…VV_VQxiQg81G2Nw. (And I would love to give tiny versions of those URLs, but that domain is apparently now blocked by the forums.)

It's sorted by the "self" column, which is the total of all individual stats (meaning not counting horse and gear). The s+h column, which includes the horse, might be more useful, but since 7 of the top people bought new horses in the past week and a half, it seemed a bit misleading.

I haven't gotten to the gear, because it's harder to look up the stats associated with the piece of gear represented by an image than to just copy numbers directly.* It also doesn't calculate the value of a horse, because I haven't gotten around to that either. If there's enough interest, I could update this every so often, and do it for other worlds, and add any missing stuff in.

And if anyone's offended by me posting this, I'll take it down.

Here's a preview:

Source code

name	lvl	str	att	def	agi	sta	hatt	hdef	hsta	hlvl	self	s+h	str$	att$	def$	agi$	sta$	self$	avg$
Bogong	80	170	163	160	159	144	115	105	110	60	796	1126	1,623,245	1,430,325	1,352,560	1,327,279	984,984	6,718,393	8,440.19
Meph	81	175	170	152	159	131	129	118	99	60	787	1133	1,771,175	1,623,245	1,159,076	1,327,279	740,805	6,621,580	8,413.70
MassMRD	81	171	148	159	164	129	128	125	116	80	771	1140	1,652,145	1,069,670	1,327,279	1,456,894	707,264	6,213,252	8,058.69
The Enl	81	186	168	133	153	123	155	132	140	60	763	1190	2,127,685	1,566,460	775,390	1,182,180	612,745	6,264,460	8,210.30
Shadow	80	170	160	142	160	131	140	114	107	80	763	1124	1,623,245	1,352,560	944,371	1,352,560	740,805	6,013,541	7,881.44

In case the columns aren't all self-explanatory:
  • lvl is your level
  • str-sta are your personal stats (not counting horse, gear, etc.)
  • hatt-hsta are your horse's stats
  • hlvl is the level of the horse
  • self is the total of your personal stats
  • s+h is the total of your personal and horse stats
  • str$-sta$ are the value in gp of your stats
  • self$ is the value of all 5 added together
  • avg$ is the average price you've spent on a stat (which is a pretty useless statistic**)

* I sorted highscores, top 100 by level, saved all links on the page, then wrote a script that parses the HTML pages and pulls out the stats. (It would be much easier to have a script pull down all 100 pages, but that might be cheating, so I didn't do that.) Anyway, I can get the IDs from the image URL for each piece of gear, and I've put together a database of gear stats from Dradaki's site (extended out past 100 with details from Holyzone and the screenshots), but I haven't gotten them hooked up to each other.

** I wanted to get a feel for how much more Mac D (very unbalanced) was spending than me (reasonably balanced, same total), or Loki (somewhat unbalanced) than Monet (perfectly balanced, same total). But really, the fact that Mac D has spent 300 more/stat on average is a lot less intuitively useful than the fact that he's spent 200000 more total. And as for Loki--well, all I learned is that he's a lot more balanced than I thought.
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